Omar Salgado, PhD

Omar Salgado

 Personal Information:



  • Expertise:
    • Product Development, Technology Management, Business Development, Manufacturing Management.
  • Industries:
    • Consumer Products, Automotive, Software, Logistics, Technology-based Entrepreneurship, Education & Training
  • Key skills and experience:
    • Technology Road Map, Technology Valuation, Technology Assessment, Location Decisions, Strategies Make vs. Buy, Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Landing for Foreign Subsidiaries.


  • Doctorate (PhD): International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, UK. (October 2003 – July 2007)
  • Master (MSc): Manufacturing Systems, University of Nottingham, UK. (September 1999 – December 2000)
  • Bachelor (BSc): Industrial Engineering, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, MEX. (January 1989 – May 1994)
  • Certification (SAP): Module on Planning, R/3 System, SAP Canada Inc. (Enero 1999)
  • Certification (WMS): Module WMS, Retek System, RETEK USA (May 2003).


  • Spanish (Mother tongue) 100%
  • English 100%

 Professional Experience: 

Projects about product development:

  1. Identifying and evaluating intangibles, Client: Cemex Research Group (Switzeland).
  2. Roadmap to market for technology based products & services, Client: Telefónica México (Wayra).
  3. Roadmap for adaptation of Mexican executives to operations in China, Client: Volkswagen de México.
  4. AWRScreen: Contextual advertisement system in supermarkets ( Client: AWR Ideas
  5. Torneo de Ideas: web platform for crowdsourcing ( Client: Torneo de Ideas.
  6. Cubo Financiero: web platform for crowdfunding ( Client: Cubo Financiero.
  7. EmoSpeech: software to analyze emotions in phone calls ( Client: EmoSpeech

Products & Concepts: Technology Roadmap (, Project Assessment (, Single Out (, Process Compass (

  • June up to September 2015
    • ETH – Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich,, Position: Visiting Scholar, Project: Technology Valuation & Prediction of Market value. Reaches: Methodology & Software
  • January to June 2015
    • Quinnipiac University (, Position: Lecture for International Business, Operations Strategy. Reaches: Course delivery for 200 students
  • March 2009 to October 2014
    • Tecnologico de Monterrey (, Position: Lecturer for International Business, Operations Strategy. Reaches: Course delivery for middle managers (30 to 45 years old).
  • December 2006 – March 2009
  • June 2002 – October 2003
    • FEMSA Monterrey, N.L. MEXICO. (, Position: Project Manager. Project: construction, equipping and commissioning of a Distribution Center. Reaches: Location selection & distribution center planning.
  • Nov ‘2000 up to Jan 2002
    • VW de Mexico (, Position: Project Engineer. Project: Logistic, Re-engineering, Optimization and Supply Chain Strategies. Reaches: Kanban Electronic Replenishment, JIT Delivery.
  • Nov ’97 – Sep ’99


  1. SAP R/3 implementation. Client: Grupo Industrial Cierres Ideal de México. Reaches: Decrease the costing work and increase the assurance of floor control.
  2. Inbound & Outbound Logistics Re-engineering. Client: Grupo Industrial IUSA. Reaches: Increasing the production fulfilment rate from 38 % in August ’98 to 68 % in Nov ‘98
  • 1995-1996
    • PIU Eichenauer, SRL y CV (Mex-German Heating element Industry) Puebla, Pue. MEXICO (, Position: Production chief. Reaches: Reduced 50% of rejected elements & increment in the production fulfilment rate.
  • 1990-1995
    • Plasticolores, SA de CV (Plastic Injection Industry,, Position: Project Engineer. Reaches: Reduction from three shifts to one in the pigmentation activity via work sampling.


Selected Publications:

  • Goralski, Margaret; Salgado, Omar. (2014) Impacts of Country of Origin on the Perception of Host Country Nationals: Quality and Managerial Skills of Expats. Journal of International Business Disciplines. Vol. 9, No. 1, May 2014. pp.27-48
  • Salgado, Omar: Ramirez-Sanchez, Carlos; Banks, Jerry, Shi, Yongjiang; Zhang, Helen. (2013). Intercultural skills for an effective teamwork in China: The Mexican experience. Journal of Management Policy & Practice, volume 14 (5), 2013
  • Salgado, Omar; Shi, Yongjiang; Banks, Jerry. (2012). Emerging capabilities in manufacturing companies: taxonomy of multinationals’ transformation. International Journal of Business and Globalization, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp.275–310.
  • Salgado, Omar. (2011). Barriers to the accomplishment of a subsidiary’s strategic role: How Location and Corporate Networks Influence Subsidiary Performance, Revista de Administração Contemporânea, ANPAD, Vol. 15 (2), pp. 261-282.


  • Salgado, Omar. (2008). “Emerging Capabilities in Manufacturing Companies: A new Taxonomy of Company’s Transformations”. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-363906855.

Intellectual property:

  • Salgado Ramírez, Omar. (2012). Technology Roadmap (tr), Computer programs. Registration number: 03-2012-121013342200-01, Mexico City, 19th December, 2012.
  • Salgado Ramírez, Omar; Banks, Jerry; Mukherjee, Deepanjan; Lozano Gonzalez, Jonathan Israel. (2013). Assessment (pa), Computer programs. Registration number: 03-2013-112513155800-01, Mexico City, 3rd December, 2013.